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When buying a bike there are two streams. That of the bonafide 1st owner bike shop and that of the slightly used bike. Bonafide bike shop bikes come into the country brand new and with all the paper work you would want, there is zilche mileage and everything working as it should. Parallel bikes are for us owes who watch our cents and change. They are bikes that are low mileaged (sometimes trial or promo bikes) they may have been riden to hell or not. Now the goverment wants to ban any bike that does not come in on a full test score. Which means these promo bikes fail. The failing of these bikes leads to them being banned, this in turn leads to loss of income and expensive bikes. It is further compounded by the loss of jobs right from importation to the owe who panell beats them and resprays. Now you can agree with me this is not good for our pockets. 

How do we deal with this? 
1. Stand up and say NO!!. Sign the petition

The petition will read as follows

Memorandum to the National Ministry of Trade and Industry on Motorcycles Industry.

Minister of Trade and Industry.
Attention: Minister Rob Davies.
We come here today to hand over a memorandum on an important public Policy that affects the motor cycle related industries. There is a policy change that will be effective in the next few months that will have a devastating effect on the motor cycle Industry and fraternity.
The policy affects the importation of Motor cycles into South Africa and the way in which the imports of motorcycles will be regulated. The new provisions will require that special testing be done and that the certificates are linked to the importation of the motor cycles. The difficulty with the requirement of this test is that South Africa does not have these test facilities. The test facilities are held at the Franchise companies who are then able to give certificates to their motor cycles to be imported into the agents / franchise companies in South Africa. Effectively only franchise importers will be allowed to bring imported bikes into the country, as independent parallel importers will not be able to get the certificates to facilitate the importation of the same bikes. This is a non-business barrier that prejudices parallel importers, who are mainly small businesses.
The effect of this will be the following.
- The prices of bikes will increase to a large share of the market who previously bought bikes from Parallel importers by up to 15%.
- The parallel importers will have to close down, which will lead to thousands of jobs being lost in sales and maintenance and repairs.
- The Industry will remain largely untransformed with only big companies dominating the sale and Industrial facilities.
- This regulation of industries in the interest of big business is not unique to the bike Industry as we have seen similar developments in the other motor vehicle Industries, as it is a feature of most importers. This is an uncompetitive practice that puts in place barriers to business.
We want a motorbike Industry that benefits both black and white and big and small businesses.
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We want the best prices to consumers and widest varieties of bikes available.
We want safe and affective standards to serve the interest of the industry and the customers.
We want to ensure that we are able to expand the industry to see more bikes as a means of transport in the face of rising fuel prices;.
and the biking fraternity involved in policy making.
We are encouraged by the response from National Government who has convened a meeting Monday evening for us to commence negotiations in respect of the regulations that pose these challenges. We want to work with government to find solutions to the problems that beset this Industry presently.
We look forward to the continued engagement with all the parties and we pledge as motor cycle companies, the workers and the bikers to pursue this engagement until a fair outcome is achieved for all. Should we not have favourable responses we will be back in greater numbers to impress on Government the need to have public policy that serves the needs of all the stakeholders in the Motorcycle Industry.


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