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In RSA it is not illegal for one to own pets when living in flats yet the landlord makes it so. The problem is the responsibility of the tenant and landlords should only be allowed to intervene when the tenant fails to carry out their part in the arrangement.

A lot of elderly are loosing their families and the pet replaces the need to be loved. But due to the landlord these domestic pets are being abandoned, sent to SPCA or other animal shelters. Thus overburdening these organisations which are meant to be saving them not putting them down. An estimated 8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters each year, and approximately 4 million are euthanized.

Has your heart been broken by having to give up your pet to move into a residence.

1. I believe this rule should be made illegal under the constitution.

Rights for animals especially cats and dogs to have a full and harmonious life free of pain and suffering. 

2. I believe small animals can be trained and looked after to fit into the community

This should be the focus of animal welfare groups 

People should be trained in the looking after of their pets.

3. Allowing pets will allow the elderly to feel more loved

a lot of building especially flat , retirement homes, and village do not allow for tenants to have pets. I am against this rule as the people moving in are either elderly and have a cat or small dog under 1kg. That they have loved for years. Now they must part with their family or battle to find another place. My mother died prematurely due to a broken heart and the thing she longed for most was a small animal to love and love her back. Do we have the right to deny someone love.

4. A size limit according to set rules and a behaviour bill of rights should be drawn up for persons wishing to own animals and that these should be enforced. 


Zynbad Bikers

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To present to goverment and housing authorities

To enforce a standard and training caimpagne

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