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There is a fire burning in the hearts of believers today. This global fire is calling us, even as the burning bush called out to Moses. It is calling us to return to Real Discipleship.

Believer's today are tired of reading about what others did "back then." "We want something 'Real'"..."Real Discipleship"..."a Real Challenge to do what the early followers of Messiah did...TODAY."

This is not about meeting once or twice a week to conduct a Bible study. This is discipleship at its very core...1-day-at-a-time...every day...for the rest of our lives. There are no vacations and no retirement. And it will cost...everything. There are no 3-step-plan to becoming a Real Disciple...or a Real Disciple Maker

The rewards... Real relationships will be established. They will challenge and change everything we once considered "normal." In eternity the rewards will be stored up for us where no thief can break in or steal. 

This is at the very core of the Great Commands and the Great Commission. This is why we are asking everyone to take 49 days...starting today, March 31, 2013, to consider the costs...then, on May 19, to formally announce your commitment on Pentecost.

Perhaps our first commitment will be to become a Real Disciple, a real follower of the Messiah. One who is committed to being discipled daily in preparation to become a Disciple Maker

This is a commitment to living the crucified life daily so that the world will see Messiah living His life through us. Today we call this Lifestyle "Radical". Almost 2,000 years ago, this was the call of Every Believer

The commitment is to become a "Disciple-Making-Disciple-Maker" no matter who, no matter the cost, no matter where. It is a lifetime commitment...Daily

What does Real Discipleship look like? We pray that we will discover this together...on our journey Real Discipleship

In Simple Obedience and Love,

Evangelists Larry and Ana Walters

[If you are joining this cause "late" please take 49 days to count the costs before you "go public" on day 50 with your commitment. There were no short-cuts to the cross... And there are no short-cuts to becoming a Real Disciple...or a Real Disciple Maker for us either. It is a call to "take up our cross daily and follow Him."]

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