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Recently, my wife discovered an array of hateful words accompanied by a singular (but extremely hurtful) image on my mother's facebook page: 

My mother may be on the wrong side of history and this hurts me in a way I could never put into words, but I hope that I can turn that pain into progress.  Her numerous hateful words about gay marriage have inspired me to start this campaign to raise funds for an organization fighting so hard for equality. Dollars for Daughters is not just about the freedom to marry, it is also about parents supporting their children – no matter who they love.

This hurt has prompted me to speak out & to do more.  Please stand up for what's fair and right.  Support the right for every citizen to marry who they love.

My mother may not support my marriage, but you can support your daughter's (or son's, sister's, brother's, friend's, etc.) marriage or right to marry.  Please donate today & help to make marriage equality a reality.


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