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All of us: One Bicycle per Person

We believe that people power can build the best of all possible worlds.

Both money and the wheel have been around for about 5000 years, and yet, amazingly, most persons today still have little or no access to either, while many who have both use them together to accumulate wealth irresponsibly...and then leave their mess behind. The result is unprecedented global crisis.

We don't need to reinvent the wheel - the bicycle is already here  - but we must rise to the occasion, to be the change we do need for people and planet.  With One Bicycle per Person we combine our voices to call for bringing this powerful tool for building and connecting communities to every person on our beautiful Earth who wants and needs a bicycle.

Only together can we be the change we need for people and planet.  Please join us now by adding your voice to this petition.


Kevin Parcell

How this will help

One Bicycle per Person ( addresses the tremendous unmet need for this affordable, clean transportation for the billions of individuals who have been left behind. Sustainable communities...

One Bicycle per Person ( addresses the tremendous unmet need for this affordable, clean transportation for the billions of individuals who have been left behind. Sustainable communities require sustainable marketplaces, and bicycles are just the right size for both, because for most individuals today they improve access to local essential goods and services.

Today, there are more than one billion bicycles in use globally. And since 2001, more than 100 million bicycles have been manufactured annually. That's double the production rate of 25 years ago, and more than the number of people added to global population annually.  But while perhaps half these bicycles are in mainland China, where they have been key to rapid development, most of the rest are in developed nations.  And most new bicycles merely replace those worn-out.

Your role in One Bicycle per Person:

When you add your voice, expect to be presented with opportunities to participate directly in this green transportation revolution through projects such as "Work to Own".  This will provide bicycles to those involved in developing local renewable resources in their communities, improving their opportunities to increase their income and quality of life - and they will be able to pay for these bicycles in installments, over time.  And members with the resources to assist this development will have opportunities to give and to lend through our Global Timebank and as participants in our member-owned social enterprises. 

If you would like to help but can only offer a little time, we'll keep you updated with opportunities to share a link to this petition with your friends, helping us build the network of support that is essential to a world in which we are empowered to care for the ones we love and the ground beneath our feet.

About Reconomy:

Reconomy is building the world of the future with the money of the future - a powerful new kind of money that belongs to the people.  Our People Power Stations provide people-owned money to fund the green energy necessary to sustainably develop and protect all our human and natural resources.  Our Global Timebank is our worldwide network of mutual support to employ millions of us sharing the knowledge and skills required.  And One Bicycle per Person connects people within our communities, bringing us together to build the world of the future.

For more information, visit us at or write to us at [email protected]

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