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Dear, sir/ madam!
My name is Kuy Vuthy. I am a staff of VDCA ( Volunteer Development Children's Association, / base in Siem Reap. Our organization has been registering as a nonprofit organization sine 2007 for our working operation on education development across rural area. This year (2013) we have created a new project call Building Together in Cambodia base in Phnom Die village out skirt of Siem Reap town beside the Siem Reap rubbish dump which there are hundreds of people who get involve working in the dump for everyday survival. Our new project is focus on health problem, food secure, clean drinking water, food productivity and educational. Almost eight of the poorest families who is working in the dump will have great opportunity to live in our community for 3 year with agriculture and animal raise training, support and send their children to school, provide them free lunch with great care and the other opportunity to get involve with the society and development.  For more further information, please visit Building Together in Cambodia Facebook page

Thank for your support,

VDCA's team

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