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West Lothian Council

Looking at the Town Centre of Bathgate, It is a Shadow of it's former self.

The Town has not shared the Benefits of West Lothian like Livingston has.

We need to save the Town Centre or it will become a Ghost Town!

The Councillors who we Voted in Election after Election, have not done anything to benefit the Town.

They sit in Town Centre meetings to discuss how the are going to spend money, intended to help the Town's regeneration. They come up with

mad thing's to spend it on. Like. Making the Steelyard unsafe for Children and putting mad slabbing down that cost Millions.

The money need to be invested in the Town to make it look good for future investors. Such as ASDA, Primark and other Major Retailers. Now this is not acceptable to the Council as they can't get out of their Ivory Tower in Livingston.

So lets all get together and be a voice for Bathgate and Save it before it's to late.  


Bathgate Person

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Save the Town before we loose it!


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