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Thanks to the generous support from the "pet lovers' board" of, we built a library for our kids in Donggang elementary school, Wukou township, Pingjiang county, Yueyang city, Hunan Province in 2012. It was a great success. The kids made very good use of the library. Many kids have built the habit of reading quietly in their spare time.

Now we are planning to refill the library with more books. And we got great ideas about what kinds of books we would like to add!

Wukou is a beautiful small town residing in the east Dongting national natural reserve. Hundreds of species of birds and fishes resides in this area. A lot of them are endangered species. As the environment become worse and worse, their livings are becoming more and more difficult. As we all know, we need more environmentalists to help us save the earth!

So how about providing the kids in Donggang elementary school some books or DVDs about the natural world around them? Like the Silent Spring, or The Migrating Birds… These books and DVDs will help the kids learn to appreciate the beauty of the Nature, to love the world where they live, and to motivate them to protect it. This way we are not only providing books for the kids to enjoy, but also passing on love to the nature and increasing their awareness of the environment problem we are facing. In other words, we are not only helping them, but also helping them to help us.

What we are asking for is $500 this time, with which we will purchase some books and DVDs we talked about and also some equipment to play the DVDs. With this $500 investment, we are not only helping the kids, we are also ensuring us a brighter future!



浯口镇正好位于东洞庭湖国家级自然保护区,当地栖息的鸟类达三百余种,鱼类百余种,更是候鸟迁徙的重要栖息地,其中还包括数十种濒危物种。在全球环境不断恶化的情况下,动物的生存也日益艰难。OCEF决定以东港小学作为试点开展动物和生态保护的宣传。我们准备为东港小学添置一些有关生态保护的书籍和DVD,培养孩子们的生态保护意识。这些书和DVD包括《迁徙的鸟》,《寂静的春天》,《野生的艾儿莎》,《昆虫记》, 《美丽中国(Wild China)》等。这些书和DVD会帮助孩子们学会欣赏自然的美丽, 让他们学会去爱和保护自己生活着的这个世界。他们将来也许会成为环境保护的重要力量呢。



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