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Thanks to the generous RAR support, we were able to start the cats spay project in Iași today. In the past I was overwhelmed by the number of appeals I received from different rescuers and carers due to the huge number of stray cats in this city. The situation is quite horrible especially during the winter months when they have no place to hide and warm up, no food, at the mercy of harsh weather conditions. There is no cat shelter in Iași, this is why people are constantly facing difficulties when trying to rescue as many as possible. Every year thousands of kittens are born and die on the streets due to horrid painful diseases, starvation or poisoning. In Iași, there isn't any low cost cats spay / neuter program, therefore people here do not always do the right thing because they have no money. The number of stray cats increases rapidly, and we are confronted daily with more and more cases of neglect, abandonment, severely injured cats. Personally I have witnessed during the past month many cases of cats with mammary tumors, some very serious cases, only because the cats hadn't been spayed while still young. I am very grateful for the support of Romania Animal Rescue, but I understand their support is dependent upon donations from the public.  I hope you can help the cats of my city, Iasi, Romania by donating to Romania Animal Rescue and stating "For Iasi Cats" ; paypal: [email protected].  All my love to you, guys, wherever you are!!! spay / neuter!!! no more suffering!



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