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Smile at two strangers everyday at least!!!

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Everyone from Mother Theresa to NAMI (National Association on Mental Illness) says a smile to someone, a stranger, can change their day dramatically! Has this ever happened to you? You were feeling crappy and someone sent you a kind smile? Have you seen someone who looks sad and taken just that extra second to smile and say hello? It has been known to make all the difference! Here is what is SO AWESOME about it to me - You will NEVER know the results or effect you have on someone especially the more kindness you show. The sad truth is someone could be walking their way to a bridge to jump off of or  going to buy a gun to shoot themselves in the head - Do you think you could be the difference? Do you think you, yes you, have the capcity to have a life changing effect on another human being at such a profound level? You bet you can! You are generating enormous energy and kindness from your soul. If  you share that with someone suffering they feel it. This sounds like a silly little task or a small mission but small acts of kindness everyday build up to an enormous about of goodwill and change over time. Not to mention getting yourself to smile more is wonderful for your own mental health!!! Let's start the smiling today! Can you share your experience of smiling today? For most there may not be a story to tell but a smile can lead to all kinds of conversations so if your smile challenge leads to something amazing please share with me and the people of the world!


Sara Reiss

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