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Hi dear animals' friends! We have another case of a dog suffering in Tecuci. This little girl has been found on a wayside by a volunteer who took her to the doctor. As you can see, she was in a very bad shape, very skiny, full of ticks and fleas, and one leg that she wasn't able to walk on. The doctor says she had her hip dislocated, possibly hit by a car and thrown on that road. Now she is able to walk on her foot. She was dewormed, hydrated and she also got vitamins, good food and warmth. She has been staying in the clinic for about 10 days and she still needs to stay there because we don't have any place for her to go for now. She is a very friendly and loving dog. She would love to live in a family with children. We hope we will find a good family to love and adopt her for the rest of her life. She just needs to share her love. It's enough for Elly. That's her name… it just got into my mind now. So, dear friends, please help a little by donating for this little girl. Please, donate to RAR (help for Elly from Tecuci) so they can help us to pay the bill for the vet clinic. By the way, the bill is about $130-$150. Here is the link of RAR website and you can donate on their acount. [email protected]; And if you like her and want to adopt her, we will be very glad to let her now as soon as we get your good news. Thank you for your support! Gratefully, Mihaela


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