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"Stolen at Sixteen"

Becoming an actor

Became a disaster,

A 16 year old boy,

Lost all hopes of laughter.

Never got into trouble,

His record was clean,

Had goals for his future,

To fulfill his dreams.

Arrested and charged;

With armed robbery,

Black enough for a description,

But not the correct identity.

During the search,

The item was a cell phone

 retrieved from an un-named individual.

That's what he was accused of taking at gunpoint.

Then it was said,

That a gun had been shot,

Requested a gun powder residue check,

But it was granted not.

Sent to adult court

His mother was shocked

Speaking out to protect

But the judge heard not.

Sentenced to 26 years in prison,

Thank God Da’Quarii remains strong,

Please sign and pray with us;

Support us to bring him home.


NyYahri YisraEl

This petition closed about 3 years ago

How this will help

Evidence and witnesses for this family was presented during trial all which was ignored.


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