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Be Kind to Stray Animals and provide water and food for them

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How this will help


Our project would provide Permanent Clean Drinking Water during the summers for 600 to 700 stray dogs and numerous birds and other stray animals.

Our project is a permanent installation and an

Innovative solution which involves the community in addressing one of the major hardships faced by stray animals.

The positioning of the "drinking pot" would be such as to automatically filling up during the rains.

The supply of Clean Drinking Water would continue after the rains into winter and eventually the next summer.

We would constantly update our progress via our facebook page and website so our patrons can track the project.

Implementation would be 3 weeks from the date we receive funds.

The cost per installation works up to $175 including regular cleaning and maintenance for upto three years.

About Our project

One hot summer afternoon I sat down on my chair and was staring out the window   when I saw a grown dog jump down an open drain and drink out of it. It struck me that thousands of dogs, animals and birds die out of thirst and hunger during what can be described as one of the worst summer conditions worldwide. That's right I am talking about summer in India.

What I decided to do about it

I bought an earthen pot and filled it with water and set it near a pack of 6 month old pups. For a week I gave the pups some clean water to drink. A week later the pot disappeared, perhaps someone took it without asking the rightful owners,' the pups'. So I bought another one. And it was taken away as well. This is my third one. I figured if I have to preserve the rights of the pups then I need something more permanent. I came up with a simple design that would be made of concrete and installed permanently to the ground.

How the community reacted

Upon seeing my persistent efforts the security guard of the nearby building walked up to me and said that he would fill up the pot twice a day. I got support from the apartment residents as well; they now give the pups some food and water on a regular basis. A few friends visited me during the weekend, and accompanied me to survey the water levels of the pot. Some of my friends said that they would want to do the same in their neighbor hood. After a brief discussion we agreed on a budget and a grand plan.

The Grand Plan

Phase I – Install 70 such units across three areas.

Phase II – Complete 250 Installations across the city. Educate the community and involve them to ensure constant uninterrupted supply of water to dogs.

Phase III – Under discussion will involve more cities and better facilities for dogs including ensuring supply of food to the dogs.

Technical Specifications

Made from concrete and permanently installed to the ground the technical specifications are in the diagram below.

Implementation Timeline

Phase I – Three weeks from the date of disbursement of funds.

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