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April 2 will mark the first of my 42 years on Earth that I will spend my birthday without my grandmother, Alice Karakashian.

This is also the first year I will not be able to call her on April 25 to wish her a happy birthday.

While she passed away in January, my grandmother's spirit remains strong within me, as I'm sure it will for the rest of my life.

The second of five daughters to bless Aristakes and Archalus (Malikian) Karakashian, my grandmother was born in Constantinople in the Ottoman Empire. As the Turkish Ottoman government waged genocide on its Armenian and other Christian populations, the young family took refuge in Iran to escape persecution. Even though she was young, the genocide played a major role in my grandmother's psyche, who witnessed her father, a physician, treat survivors of the genocide.

I attribute her indomitable will and spirit to those early experiences she endured. Above all, my grandmother taught me how to love, stand up for my convictions, and be respectful and tolerant of others.

That is why, in my grandmother's memory, I am helping to raise funds for the Armenian National Committee of America for their unflagging commitment to secure justice for the Armenian Genocide.

I hope you will join me in contributing whatever amount you feel appropriate to this cause in loving memory of Alice Karakashian and in honor of all grandmothers who have touched your life.

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