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3,133 more needed

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Begin spreading the word on making my area a local Liberty Zone in defense of our Constitution, free

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

Three simple steps:

1.  Introduce people to the "Liberty Zone" concept via the "Support Notice" found at which you can download and print out for signatures to influence your local government officials (Sheriff, County Commissioners, etc.) that "Liberty" is popular and people are tired of what is taking place, and for them to follow what many counties and states are doing to defend against unconstitutional government encroachment.

2.  Download and print out the "Liberty Zone Support Supplement" at back up of our rights.

3.  Refer them to the Liberty Zone website at and get them to understand that we MUST act locally.  Help us to reach our goal of at LEAST "ONE" patriot in every county/district... 3140... to take the pledge and begin the movement to take back our Republic!

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