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Not mix religion with musical taste

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My friends... first of all, I wanna thank every person who took the pledge to fight for love and faith for Michael. We achieved the goal of more than 150 people taking the pledge. Now, what I'm asking is to fight for always be a fan of Michael and his work. I don't know about you, friends, but about me what I can tell is that I'm being persecuted with indifference because I'm a Michael's fan and I'm tired of that! There are some people I know who told me that I transformed Michael into a idol to be adored, instead of God, according to my religion. Please, dear friends, let's show to the world that religion has nothing to do with musical taste, or much better, Michael's work. I need all the support you can give me... I mean, any encouragement or anything you can do to protect your love for Michael and advice for me too... thanks


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