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There is terribly troubling wolf news out of Montana.

SB397, A bill that just cleared committee, would enshrine into law some of the most horrific methods of wolf-killing imaginable. If this bill becomes law, it would extend the wolf hunting season to 10 months, allowing hunting and trapping during denning season, and permit previously illegal forms of wolf-killing.

This bill would allow the use of cruel, indiscriminate neck snares to choke wolves to death and would permit hunters and trappers in the state to kill all but 200 of the state's wolves in any given season.

It doesn't end with wolves though. Montana SB397 would permit the use of dogs to hunt bears and allow "bear baiting", or using carcasses to attract bears. This potentially puts currently threatened grizzly bears at risk, and is not in keeping with "fair chase" hunting.

We have staff on the ground in Montana right now, working to stop this extreme anti-wolf bill--but we need your help. Please support our work to stop Montana's SB397 with a 100% tax-deductible donation today.

The Endangered Species Coalition is the country's only national organization that works exclusively on grassroots organizing for endangered species protections and we have a network of more than 300 member groups that we are mobilizing to fight for America's disappearing wildlife.


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