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"My Son"

There comes a time;

When we must speak the truth,

My son is incarcerated

And has been abused.

Forced to plead guilty,

Over the phone he cried;

Mom I’m sorry,

I’m sorry; I tried.

I know you know what’s best,

That’s why I wanted to talk to you first,

But the judge and lawyer wouldn’t allow this;

They said it would be worst.

My son;

He IS my best friend,

A Good hearted soul,

And everyone loved him.

My only son;

Incarcerated since 2002,

As a single parent

What would you do?

My son,

Now serving twenty years to life,

Accused of stealing forty four dollar batteries;

Being over charged more than twice.  

The lawyer retained,

Didn’t defend;

Investigated then disbarred,

My son suffered in the end.

His grandmother is eighty eight years old

And can’t take care of herself,

My son was her provider,

He helped nurse her to health.

My son, my son,

I am alone,

My one and only son;

I need him home!


NyYahri YisraEl

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