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Help us bring our Teammates back!!!!Kixeye has suspended accounts of some of the best players we have!! And they have done this this with no proof of any of the allegations against them! No warnings... No Notices... No explanation of how the allegations came about. We have to let them know we are not going to let this happen!!! What they have done it not only wrong, it is illegal. You can not take someones money then block them from playing the game and keep their money. These players have helped many other players, just starting or those that just needed a helping hand. They have worked hard on their accounts  and have spent their hard earned money and numerous hours getting them to the level they are. They have made this game more enjoyable for all and with out them, it is not the same. If they can do it to one, they can do to us all!!!  Let us come together to let KIXEYE know we are not going to take this!  BRING BACK OUR TEAMMATES OR LOSE MORE PLAYERS!!!!

Timo Turunen           ID 3125251

Andrew Paul Bulley ID 13606025

Jeff Thornton            ID -6674119

Bin Yousof                 ID 6226893


Anna Farmer

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We must stand up for the rights of our fellow players!! Kixeye needs to know we are serious... NO BANNING OF PLAYERS WITHOUT PROOF OF ALLEGATIONS 


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