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This is unjust and a government form of money laundering to take this from people who cannot afford it.  They say one and mean another.  Before they had bedroom tax, council tenants were not allowed to sublet and now because the Government want more money from, council tenants who are on Housing Benefits and disabilities,  tenants  are now allowed to sublet.  If Cameron is looking for a revolt, he is going about it the right way towards a riot the same as last year.  He should try paying bedroom tax or maybe Parliamentary Tax for all of those offices.  Maybe he can open them up and rehouse the population that he will be evicting from their homes.  Does the same attitude apply to him to for 10 Downing Street?   If Cameron and his party expect to get back into power, they are going the right way of not getting back into 10 Downing Street.  This bedroom tax is the biggest day light robbery on the poor people in this country.  Why should people go to work all their lives paying national insurance, income tax and then they are told they will get a good pension at pensionable age, even that’s a lie.  The money that the government say you can live on, Cameron and his government with their lifestyle could not  live on this pittance they are bestowing over the nations heads, he would not even to be able to buy food, much less pay bills. 


Sandra Francis

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