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Jane Carroll, Milwaukee Co. Judge; John T. Chrisholm, Milwaukee County District Attorney; Grant F. Langley, Milwaukee City Attorney;

GEORGIA daughters are in an uproar over Judge Jane Carroll of Milwaukee
County Probate Court ruling to place their mother back in the hands of her
abuser ("husband"). Our mother suffered several strokes in 2010 which
cause her to need a guardian. We later found out that the "husband"
(the abuser) received guardianship after fabricating a story to state agency
that her (the abuse woman) family was not in her life although we visit often
and called every day. After many visits from 2010 we notice no change in our
mother rehabilitation. On many attempts we have tried to talk to the
"husband" (abuser) about other options, but he refused them all.
(Fast forwarding)

In July 2012, we notice a change in our mother's reaction when arriving by
surprise in the early morning. We would wake her up when we arrive and she
would greet us with words of happiness and tears of joy. The smile she would
have on her face to see all of us..her children, grandchildren and sometime great-grandchildren. After my mother take her medication. She would then go back into her zombie state of just staring at you as if she didn't know who you were as always. This was a big concern to me who notice this change after the second surprise early morning visit. Again speaking to the NEW nurse present. She made concerns that she supposed to take care of my mother’s needs, but the "husband" requires a lot of her attention for himself. Her words and I quote, " He is verbal abusive to her and leaves her alone upstairs while he is downstairs." We do have an older sister who lives in that state and he (abuser) bared her from seeing our mother at his house. How Cruel?

I, LaToya spoke to my mother asking her questions about her wellbeing. Base
on her answers and her constant reminder to come get her. I went back to
Milwaukee in August to pick her up and relocate her to Georgia. The first doctor’s appointment in Georgia the doctor considered her under sedation. I was told to no longer give her any more medication from what I received from Milwaukee and she was ordering fresh meds. After a month with her daughters, my mother began to walk with a walker, talk more, getting her memory back, getting baths (something she didn't received in 2 years because the abuser claim she couldn't get in the tub) and a host of other things. Before coming to Georgia, she was barely talking, walking, eating, bathing and swallowing her medication she would hold in her mouth for an hour. (Later to find out she knew he was giving her bad medication)

At this time, we are now requesting medical records in Wisconsin to get
history on doctor’s notes alone with the testing in Georgia. To my surprise..
My mother did not receive medication from July 2011 until June 2012 according to doctor’s notes. He (abuser) also refused to give her the medication called ARICEPT that helps with memory on Dementia patience, he missed many doctors appoints and her weight went from 164 lbs. to 119 lbs. When I got her in August 2012 she was 119 lbs. to December 2012 being 130lbs. He claims it was because she was having difficulties swallowing her food. My sisters and I are getting my mother back to health and low and behold I received a called from Milw Co. Community Care case manager. The case manager stated that I kidnap my mother and to return her back to Wisconsin. I responded with an instant NO and the reason being. After explaining my reasoning of bring her to Georgia I than received knowledge of guardianship placed with this abuser of a man.

I received another call from Georgia Protection Agencies whom the Wisconsin
Department of Aging sent to my house to speak to my mom. Now at this point
everyone understands my story and is someone in my corner. I put in a Petition to Terminate Guardianship in Milwaukee, WI. Our first court appearance was December 5th which was the day I brought my mother back to Milwaukee. The Judge decided not to be present which means we were basically tricked to bring her back to the states to be placed in a group home until next court date. On January 10th I meet with the Judge in her chambers who wanted me to make mediating decisions without hearing the case. I told her no, I rather go to trial. We still had to leave our mother behind in Milwaukee for the February 28, 2012 and March 1st trial.

The “Honorable” Judge Jane Carroll of Milwaukee, WI made this ruling after she heard many testimonies of abuse from The Wisconsin Department of Aging who stated my mother told them that he hits her, showed his gun and she wanted to move with her daughters. The Community Care of Wisconsin also made statements of bad home conditions and dishonest statements made to them from the abuser. A
host of other witness testimonies of abuse and neglect including the police dept. report. She refused to see any evidence and the abuser never hit the witness stand for any questioning. She dismissed Restraining Order, and all other Petitions submitted to the courts. I forgot to mention she also dismissed the Petition to Terminate Guardianship from the Department of Aging. WOW!

How do you rule without giving the opportunity to provide evident to prove your case? I never heard of this. The County Judge believes there is no problem with this man remaining her guardian. She stills lives in constant anxiety with the thought of having to go back to him, as he is a manipulative, dishonest man,  and who continues to deny the family their mother and grandmother - all while telling her we don’t love and want her. THIS is what the court decided was best for my mother.


LaToya Fredricks

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Judge Jane V. Carroll in Milwaukee, WI heard evidence of my mother being abused by this loser of a man. She ignored all testimonies by credible agencies who confirmed the abuse and she still ruled...

Judge Jane V. Carroll in Milwaukee, WI heard evidence of my mother being abused by this loser of a man. She ignored all testimonies by credible agencies who confirmed the abuse and she still ruled for this abuser to remain her guardian. She have my mother life in her hands and don't care what happens. Please do not vote for her to remain on the bench. Thanks


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