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I am competing in several Colorado area runs, races, and obstacle courses for two reasons: to raise many and awareness for the efforts of Soi Dog and because I love to run. I am uniting both of these important aspects of my life to create a bigger change than the small donation I make monthly to Soi Dog and the burning sensation I get in my calves after a good run. Every mile I run, crawl, sprint, and climb I want to do for the welfare of the many dogs and cats in Thailand I couldn't help when I was there. I adopted my two pups from Thailand and it would never have been possible without the help of Soi Dog. I am forever indebted to Soi Dog for their efforts to bring Rex and Regina home. I am personally very passionate about their efforts to end the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia, because my puppies could have very easily been victim to this horrific trade.

Dog meat consumption is NOT a widespread practice. In fact, many Thais are abhorrently opposed to the barbaric practice. Most consumption occurs in Vietnam. Dogs are captured and illegally smuggled to Vietnam. People believe the adrenaline rush from torturing the dogs leads to more flavorful and tender meat. This is horrific, sadistic, and cruel beyond measure. Soi Dog is working in conjunction with the Royal Thai Police, Ministry of Agriculture, and several local Thai citizen groups to intercept the traffickings, arrest the smugglers, and care for the rescued dogs. The cost of such an intense operation is staggering. And while nearly 1,000 dogs were rescued in March 2012 alone, their survival is still in jeopardy as Soi Dog and the government is desperate for funding to build shelters, supply food, and continue the investigations and raids. It is truly a crisis.

It takes $30USD a month to feed and shelter about four dogs rescued from the meat trade at the government shelters. A $100 dollar donation can build four square meters of new shelter space for rescued dogs. Between the veterinary bills, shelter costs, medications, food, and operational budgets of their fight against the dog meat trade, Soi Dog needs nearly $7,000USD every month. Their main Phuket shelter (not housing meat trade victims, but rather rescued street dogs and abandoned pets) needs about $4,000USD each month for those costs. All donations make through Soi Dog's San Francisco office are tax deductible. It breaks my heart that there are so many dogs and cats around the world who have been forgotten, neglected, beaten, and abused. It doesn't matter where they are from or what they look like: every pup deserves a toy, every kitty deserves bed, and everyone deserves love.

I am inviting my friends and family to support my shin splints by making a small donation for each mile that I run in each race. I'm not asking you to cover any of my costs - I'm paying all my own entry fees for the race day T-shirts. All of your money goes directly to Soi Dog to feed, shelter, treat, and rescue animals who would otherwise go without. for more information

My Races and Events (more to come):

*The Rave Run, 5k, April 20th

*Cherry Creek Sneak, 10 mile, April 28th

*Spartan Race, 4 Mile Military Obstacle Course, May 4th

*BolderBoulder, 10k, May 27th

*Insanity Mud Run, 5 mile Obstacle Course, June 2nd

*Sand Creek Half Marathon, July 13th

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