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The Louisiana Science Education Act passed in 2008, it allows for creationism to be taught in public school science classrooms. Creationism is usually taught through supplemental materials that critique scientific facts like evolution and climate change.

Creationism in a religious belief, and in 1987 the Supreme Court ruled the teaching of creationism in schools as unconstitutional. This decision stemmed from the debate Edwards v. Aguillard, which originated in Louisiana. In 2011, New Orleans City Council voted unanimously in support of the bill that would repeal this act. [1]

The young people of Louisiana deserve the best possible scientific educationCreationism is not science, and teaching it as science leaves our students at a disadvantage when competing in the global economy and when they climb to higher forms of education. The LSEA has also impacted the local economy by costing the state important forms of revenue. In 2011 The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology cancelled its 2011 convention in New Orleans to protest this law.

78 Nobel laureate scientists, including Sir John Edward Sulston and other prominent scientists like Niles Eldredge and Ken Miller have endorsed the repeal of the LSEA. Support for its repeal has also been vocalized by many of the nation's major science and education organizations.

The teaching of Creationism is inextricably linked to religious faith, which creates a discriminatory environment for students who do not have similar beliefs.

Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, if you are concerned about the education of our future leaders please sign this petition to repeal LSEA now.



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