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My son Paul was denied placement on the heart transplant list because of his mental disability. The doctor was more interested in the fact that he could not name all his medications (he takes 19 at the present time) and the Princess Peach doll he carries for comfort, than the fact that he has never smoked or drank alcohol. Where will the discrimination end?

They never performed any tests to evaluate Paul's heart condition or mental status. He was denied placement on the list based solely on records from his cardiologist.How can they turn him down without performing a full evaluation?

Paul is a wonderful boy that has taken his mental and physical illness in stride. He has just completed his first novel geared toward preteens and has had it self-published. He is now working on the sequel. This is really the only thing that keeps his mind off of his mortality. How do I explain to him why he can't have a new heart?

Can you help us tell the Transplant Committee they are wrong and he deserves the chance to grow old and watch his two young nephews grow up?


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