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Vladimir Putin, The President of Russia

Mr. President,  we learn more and more about dolphins' and whales' intelligence, in many ways they are a lot like us.They possess the sophisticated cognitive and emotional abilities characteristic of the type of consciousness that is the foundation of humans’ claim for moral standing. They can think and feel a lot of human like emotions, have their own complicated language that we still don't understand. We don’t have the right to keep these creatures in captivity to satisfy some economic needs. No chlorinated pool, no lagoon, no matter how large they are, could replace the ocean nor reproduce the complex social life of wild cetaceans. Captive cetacean don't have freedom to express normal behavior, and their life in captivity is very short and painful. 
     However recently plans were annoinced to construct a new largest European dolphinarium in the capital of Russia. Also it was told that one killer whale and some belugas were already caught for these purposes in the Far East of Russia. And, the most awful, the contract for delivery of 17 dolphins from Japan was signed. Everyone can see how hunt on dolphins in Japan goes on, it is shown in details in the documentary film "The Cove" (2009). Every year, from September to March, in small town Taiji in the south of Japan they drive pod of dolphins to shallow water, surround them with nets, choose the best for sale to a dolphinariums, and brutally kill the others in front of the survived relatives. And this slaughter will proceed until there is no demand for dolphins. As their life in captivity is really short, dolphinariums from all over the world actively buy dolphins in Japan. 
     I ask you to please to revise the plans on new dolphinarium construction and urge Russian Marine Animal facilities to stop buying dolphins from Taiji.


Olga Pristin

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We respectfully ask Mr. Putin to say "no" to plans to built the biggest dolphinarium in Europe.


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