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My name is Eric Fomley and I am the founder of The Living Stone Foundation. The Living Stone Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that helps needy people, churches, and local/international charities. We are a community funded organization that supports the broken and the needy with material goods and food in order to help sustain families and make ends meet. We are a local based organization right now that is just starting out in Huntington County Indiana, but we hope that with time and support from communities everywhere that we can expand and become a bigger impact on communities all over the United States and the world. Such goals can only be reached with support from willing and giving hearts. Currently we have no paid staff members. All of my volunteers and I (about 10 in total) are doing this charity work for free as we are so limited in funding so all money donated will 100% go toward this project!

We need to raise money to establish ourselves as a 501c(3) with the IRS. We also need funds for a more efficient storage facility and a building to move into. We want to fight the global issue of hunger, and we are starting with out community and are striving to become a national impact charity. You can give to our cause at our website or at this link:

"like" our page on Facebook to help us get the word out. As we are a community organization striving to become a national impact charity, we are in need of support as simple as liking our Facebook page to raise public awareness.

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