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Abolish dowry system from Nepal

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Dowry system is still prevalent in the Madheshi society which is very disgraceful. Social scientists differ widely in their interpretations of the concept of dowry and they have analyzed the dowry system in South Indian societies where dowry is defined as female inheritance, because dowry is often termed as streedhan, cidanam, etc. in South India.

Dowry is like a bride's price which is not pleasant to listen to but is a fact in Madheshi society. It is closely linked with the bride's role in the productive and consumer society. A girl is taken as a burden because there is a lot of expenses on her upbringing and education. A guardian of a girl thinks that it is not useful to support a girl child for long periods, because one day he has to marry her at any cost. If he spends more on her education, then he has also to spend more on her marriage. For example if a boy is a doctor or engineer or government servant he has to give more money in dowry, otherwise he has to marry his girl child to an ordinary boy. So the guardian does not want to spend more money on a girl's education. He thinks his duty is to make her literate, that's all.

Rakesh, Ram Dayal. "Dowry System - Archaic and a Scourge." The Himalayan Times[Kathmandu] 17 July 2012: n. pag. Print.

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