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I have been involved in the Miss America Organization and the Miss South Carolina Organization for the past 6 years.  I love the organization because it encourages young women everywhere to become empowered and get involved in the community and find what they are passionate about thru a personal platform which can be anything from cancer awareness, mental health awareness, anything! Well, I chose pediatric stroke awareness and here is why.  I chose this platform because my 7 year old cousin, Andrew. During birth, he had a stroke and has cerebral palsy as a result, he is partially paralyzed on his ride side.  Although he is young, he has been through far more things than many children his age, he has truly given me inspiration and although he may only be 7 years old, he is my hero. I inspire to be as courageous and brave as he is.  Andrew is resilient and faces the world head on, not letting anything stand in his way.  He is the reason I chose my platform, to help spread information on strokes in young children. I am currently the reigning Miss Colleton County Rice Festival and I really want to do all that I can with my title to raise awareness. Now I need your help to do that as well, donate if you can please.


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