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During a recent trip to Ghana, we witnessed the harsh reality of forgotten children who are desperate for someone to care.  Children, who suffer from no fault of their own, forced to face the cruel truth of abject poverty.

Having been introduced to two young boys, named Kwamiyi and Kwami, we soon learned that many orphaned village children were leading a life of extraordinary hardship.  At just eleven and thirteen years of age, the eyes of Kwamiyi and Kwami speak a history almost unfathomable to imagine.  They have never been to school, they never had a permanent home... their life has simply been about survival.

In hopes of making a vital difference for Kwamiyi and Kwami, CCF has partnered with local religious and committed volunteers who are now fostering the two young boys and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  Kwamiyi and Kwami face ongoing medical requirements, are in need of new clothes and lack fees for education opportunities.  Help us dramatically change the lives of these once forgotten children by offering any amount today.  Give Kwamiyi and Kwami a chance to live the way that every child deserves.

Our goal is to have Kwamiyi and Kwami supported by August 2013 with an amount of $1,000.  You can contribute to this goal by clicking below.  JOIN US in creating a future for vulnerable children – the power of any gift is immense and will provide endless rays of hope!

For more information on Kwamiyi and Kwami, visit CCF Featured Children at

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