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  • To Stop the breed specific Ban in the Netherlands
  • To change the breed standards worldwide 
  • To improve the general health and prevent breed specific healthproblems in all dog breeds

What is this Petition for:
Currently, in the Netherlands there are several organisations working on a Breed specific ban of several breeds including the English Bulldog. In their opinion, the English Bulldog is so unhealthy, that the breed can not be saved. Based on this thinking, the groups claim the breed should be banned to prevent animal suffering. Furthermore, they claim that changing the breeds standards would not be effective. In their opinion, the breed would have to change too much to make it a healthy dog. They state that, if that change were to occur, the breed could no longer even be considered an English Bulldog anymore.

The organisations that are promoting and planning on this Bulldog Ban are:
The Sophia Stichting
De partij voor de Dieren

Why is this Ban being considered?
The last few years, more people have been discussing breed specific problems. The documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed shows the severe problems of several dogbreeds including, the Cavelier King Charles Spaniel, the Pug, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the English Bulldog. Sadly, over the years, breeders started to breed more for looks, and exaggerated the Bulldogs typical look including their short face, short legs, small behind, and their wrinkles. Some of these features can cause breed specific health problems.

Why are we against this ban?
Kennel Clubs and breeders have made some changes to decrease the breed specific health problems, and the results have been positive. Bulldogs have a longer life expactancy and there is a decrease in some of these breed specific healthproblems, but we know there is still a long way to go. The Dutch EBCN and kennelclub are already working on new standards in cooperation with veterinary experts.

We acknowledge these breed specific health problems but this does not mean every English Bulldog is an unhealthy dog. There are lots of healthy Bulldogs with no breed specific healthproblems that live a long, healthy and happy life. Thus, instead of banning a breed and letting it become extinct, there is also the option to change the breed standards and apply stricter rules for breeders to follow in order to decrease and eradicate breed specific health problems. It is our belief that responsible breeding and stricter standards will accomplish the goal of maintaining the English Bulldog as a breed, rather than allowing the breed to die out.

Additionally, the ban of certain dog breeds is not only a death sentence; but it is also a free card for puppy mills to breed Bulldogs without Pedigrees. We already know that many of these breed specific health problems are caused by inbreeding and breeding with dogs that should have never gotten a pedigree in the first place due to their bad health condition. We also know that people will still choose their dog breed and are willing to find a dog across the border or choose a bulldog puppy without a pedigree on the internet or elsewhere. This “solution” will only create more animal suffering and will not solve the real problem. 

Instead, let’s use the example of how the breed was bred to a new standard of character in the past (see following section) and use what we know to maintain the English Bulldog's character and looks. However, strict rules regarding health MUST be a priority, and breathing, skin, and other healthproblems need to be bred out of the breed. This can only be done when veterinary experts, kennel clubs, breeders and owners worldwide work together. Lovers of the breed need to demonstrate that, if positive character traits can be bred in and negative ones bred out, we can do the same with health issues.

How responsible breeding has worked for the English Bulldog in the past and can again.
The English Bulldog is a dog with a lengthy history. Initially bred for bull baiting, a cruel form animaltorture for human entertainment, English Bulldogs were known to be extremely agrressive. When bullbaiting was forbidden by law, the English Bulldog breed almost dissapeared. The Bulldog did not have a purpose anymore and was considered too agressive to be a family dog.

A few Bulldog fans saved the breed. They started breeding the Bulldog on character. This was extremely successful and the English Bulldog is now a perfect example of a Loving family dog; Loving, calm good-natured and a wonderful companion are the characteristics that are recognizable in the breed today. This way the English Bulldog is a perfect example of how changing the breeding process can make a big difference.


Sabrina Heijden

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How this will help

This petition is to oppose the breed specific ban on English Bulldogs in the Netherlands and change the breed's standards for the English Bulldogs worldwide.

Allthough the Netherlands are the...

This petition is to oppose the breed specific ban on English Bulldogs in the Netherlands and change the breed's standards for the English Bulldogs worldwide.

Allthough the Netherlands are the first country to make concrete plans to ban a breed because of health problems, this discussion is currently conducted in many other countries aswell. Every dog breed has breed specific healthproblems. Are we going to ban Boxers cause of heartproblems? Ban Bassets and Dachshunds cause of backproblems? Ban all larger dog species because of hipproblems?

No! It is our belief that all breed specific health problems should be addressed, and that kennel clubs, veterinarians and specialists should work together to improve the health of these wonderful dogs.

Guidelines and standards that improve the health of English bulldogs need to be implemented immediately. As responsible dog owners, we want firm and strict rules for dog breeders. No inbreeding. These breed standards should be changed in consultation with veterinary experts, kennel clubs, breeders and bulldog owners. Additionally, kennel clubs should not represent only breeders but veterinarians and dogowners as well.

Ban the real Problem not the Breeds!

Please sign this petition:

* To Stop the breed specific Ban in the Netherlands
* To change the breed standards worldwide
* To improve the general health and prevent breed specific healthproblems in all dog breeds

Let's show everybody that we Doglovers, Bulldog owners, Breeders and Kennelclubs can work together. Bulldogs are known for their big hearts, loyalty and perseverance. Let's show the world we Bulldog Lovers possess those same qualities by making a difference and saving the beautiful Bulldog breed.

Please help us and become active to help save the English Bulldog!

How can You Help?

* Share this petition with all your friends, relatives, co-workers etc.
* Post the link to the petition on websites, forums or blogs
* Print out one of the flyers and hang them at dogparks, shelters, veterinary offices, animal shops, or pinboards at work or at supermarkets
* Be creative; contact media, for those with photoshopskills make flyers, organise or go to dogevents, contact local animal organisatians
* We need representatives in every country to make this work, if you are able and willing to help and join, please send an e-mail (listed below)
* If you have any other ideas, suggestions or questions please send an e-mail to [email protected] (Baggy Bulldogs is an online community of
Bulldog- owners, breeders and enthousiasts with no commercial intent)

Whatever you can do to get people together and to sign the petition will be of great help.To make a real change, we have to work and come together,worldwide, to save our beloved Bulldog breed.


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