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Help a struggling marriage this Resurrection Sunday.

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How this will help

If you knew someone was dying and you could help, would you? What if you knew a marriage that was dying and you could help? 

All around us marriages are dying... some are already dead, but you can do something to help. A bad marriage is one of the most toxic environments on the planet. It contaminates the home, the family, the community and the world and its side effects can last for generations. The bad news is, every marriage will face problems and when those problems arise, if the couple does not know how to fix the problem, the marriage could become toxic and die. The good news is, any problem in marriage is fixable with the right instructions and the right tools. The Cheer Up Your Wife book provides both. Instead of talking about a couple you know is struggling in their marriage, or even just praying about it, why not put something in their hands that will improve their marriage?  

We want to bless at least 100 marriages this Resurrection Sunday (April 31, 2013). To accomplish this, we need at least 50 people to pledge support for a struggling marriage. For every $15 pledge we receive, we will match your donation and give away 2 books to 2 couples in your honor. You could single-handedly help 2 marriages with every $15 donation. If we get more pledges, we'll give more books. 

To make a pledge, visit and click the "Donate" button. The help you sow into someone else's marriage will bring a harvest of blessings in your own life. Also, please let others know they can find help for their struggling marriage on the Cheer Up Your Husband YouTube channel. Thanks in advance for your support.

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