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Collect my loose change for the month of April and Donate it to Spay Panama

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Hi my name is Miss Mac, I was found wondering outside McDonald's in Santiago. The McDonald employee's had been feeding me but since I am partially blind in both eyes I would have most likely come to harm if the Spay Task Force who were performing a mobile clinic had not taken me with them after stopping to eat at McDonald's. I had been sterlized by Spay Panama before as they quickly identified by the notch in my right ear. Since I was already with them, I thought I would accompany them to the remaining days at the mobile clinic in Santiago. Man do those vets and volunteers work hard sterlizing all of the animals that come to the mobile clinic!!! After the last day I was exhausted watching them. I was a little afraid about what was going to happen to me when they left. Guess what -- they took me back to Panamá, cared for me and found me a home. Now I am as happy as can be thanks to everyone at Spay Panama.
There are many homeless animals like me who are not so fortunate but you can help.   Pledge to collect all of your loose change for the month of April. 

All the funds collect will be used for the sterilization and treatment of animals from the streets or of imporverished homes.  START SAVING TODAY, they are counting on you.
REMEMBER:  Spay Panama is a tax deductible charity in both Panamá and the United States. 

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