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All wild animals in Africa, elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, leopards, cape buffalos, zebras, etc. are a heritage of whole mankind, a heritage for our children and for those who will come after them. With this our public petition we ask strongly to stop all forms of safari in Africa, the only kind of Safari allowed must be photographic safari. We find shameful as may be granted hunting, with precision weapons, to these animals, which are themselves the symbol of whole African continent.

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Sergio Barbesta

Kill these wild animals for a so-called "sport" does not help and give benefits anyone.

All these African countries can have more and more benefits from tourism by increasing the possibilities of photographic Safari where all these wild animals are respected.
This is a battle for all of us, these animals should be saved and protected at all costs.

I invite you to sign this petition and share it on all your friends pages, to stop this insane massacre.


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