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Walk with me

Walk with me into the raw, candid, complexities of my everyday [real life] experiences of the
triangulated contradictory wars between “DECEIT, VERACITY and DURATION !” This composition
of thoughts merely reflects a wink of the emotional/ psychological pain endured with each step
made through desolate paths, while making sense of my quest. The excepts of pained-poetic,
perspectives were exhumed fro...m the very depth of my now present existence!
      The noxious afflictions upon me day end and day out aren’t isolated only to me or others from
the despaired Ghettos of America! Tomorrow it can be you, your family members, or friends
consumed by the e.g. covert unbridled gargoyle of greedy prison politics, especially without
thorough social, political, economical and class awareness, “you are vulnerable!”
      ….Being amidst the down pours of catastrophe, one only can be defeated or transcend with
mental and spiritual rewards.
Destiny is not a guarantee to no-one, but it’s only the eclectic quest towards universal truth about
ourselves (as individuals, a race or society), the world or a particular circumstance.
-        Leon Benson, “03”-

I now undauntedly present:

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Shai Dune

The Governor of IN
Gov. Mike Pence, IN
Please re-open and help overturn the false conviction of innocent prisoner Leon Benson inmate #995256 who is currently serving a 60 year prison term in an Indiana state prison.

Leon has the documentation neccesary to prove his innocence. We ask that you please utilize your resources to uncover the truth in Leon's case. No innocent human being deserves to spend their life in prison.

Thank you

Much Love to you


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