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Join the WORLDWIDE Holding of Wrist free hugs day

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Don't Stand Alone - Stop Bullying is partly led by Jimmy Elliott founder of Holding of Wrist. We are joining with HOW in this great event set for April 7, 2013.

Holding of Wrist is hosting a WORLDWIDE Holding of Wrist free hugs day on our 4 1/2 year anniversary, 4/7/13.

This is set as a 24 hour event b/c we have supporters worldwide- it's your choice when, where and how long to go out on that day! All we ask is for two things: (a) use this Facebook based event as a hub. Post when/where you're going to be ON THE EVENT so that nearby Holding of Wrist supporters can meetup together & (b) take a ton of photos and post them here afterwards!

Here's how:
-Invite ALL your friends to this event, JUST CLICK THIS LINK
-Get a group together & a set location/time
-Meet at that place on 4/7/13 with your free hugs posters & Holding of Wrist gear, and give away free hugs!!
Be safe!

****We DO NOT suggest doing shopping malls or inside business. Holding of Wrist and Don't Stand Alone aren't responsible for lost/stolen items during the event.****

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