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Kasese Humanist Primary School is a secular Nursery & Primary School offering Primary Education to Ugandan Children. The education offered is free from dogmas and indoctrination. 

The school is the first of its kind in the district and in Uganda to be set up based on Humanist values and ethics, offering basic subjects as stipulated by the Uganda Primary School Curriculum and in addition Humanism lessons are conducted. In all subjects taught at school, emphasis is put on the application of a scientific approach and critical thinking. The school encourages pupils to be rational, innovative, creative, skilled, compassionate and tolerant.

The school currently rents its land and buildings.  This means any permanent construction or improvement to the facilities needs to be done with permission of the owners and ultimately belongs to the owners who could conceivably evict the school at their own discretion.  

Back in February the school was a able to procure its own land through a very successful fundraising effort.  Thanks to the generous support of the atheist and Humanist community, the school can now begin to build a permanent home for secular education rooted in Humanism in Uganda.

There is already a five room brick structure located on the land and the renovation and utilization of this building has been identified as the first phase of development to shore up the school's presence in the area.

This building has already been reinforced structurally.  Now the next step is to hook it up to the Ugandan power grid.  This first step will bring the needed electricity to power the school moving forward in the long term and electric tools and other essential devices for the building of additional building on the land in the more immediate term.

The raw cost is around $970 USD for the electrification project. However, there is a certain amount of overhead.  There is a 4.75% fee for using, which adds around $50.  A bank draft is also required to send the money to Uganda, which is often around $50 as well.  Since any additional funds will go directly to school projects, it is prudent to simply place the goal at $1100 USD.

You can find a cost breakdown here.

However, a generous donor, Mary Bellamy, has already sent us $500 USD to start us off!  So this fundraiser is beginning with a goal of $600.  Thanks so much Mary!

HUGE thank you goes to Atheist Alliance International for supporting the school in past fundraisers and steadily for years on its donations page!

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