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Take lead in alleviating children poverty in Africa,

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RAY OF HOPE FOUNDATION has been provoked to action because of the Children's inability to organize themselves or to form unions and their lack of awareness of their rights, leading to their exploitation, and they see the status quo as bleak and without a future and so they are asking for help in improving their situation and They are specifically asking for government and NGOs intervention as they "are citizens of this nation".

The once renowned social welfare system of Zimbabwe has also deteriorated and reached a state of collapse in late 2008, though certain improvement has been undertaken but the prevailing economic hardships coupled with closures of the industry leaves the government underfunded and make it difficult for them to deliver social services to full capacity. Protocols and policies protecting children have not been updated in several years, and almost no social welfare professionals are active in Government to take up their statutory duties due to lack of resource, and The result is an increasing number of vulnerable children who are living alone, caring for large family networks and working in unsafe practices to try to bring their families a form of livelihood, all by themselves.

Continued capacity shortages within national social welfare and justice for children systems is also impacting on data collection with the result that many vulnerable remain "invisible" to child protection service delivery. Displaced children, trafficked children and those in institutional care (estimated at more than 5,000 in more than 60 institutions in 2009) are known to be increasing in number but are as yet unable to access quality social welfare services such as counseling, reintegration and rehabilitation services

Researchers in psychology, sociology and related disciplines have shown that the environment, both animate and inanimate, influences and affects children's development thus, a psychologically impoverished environment may lead to physical and social problems in children who grow under such conditions. Street children, orphans, and vulnerable children live under squalid conditions and others lack parental care, affection, education and opportunities for healthy growth and development

Immediate, scaled-up and sustained support to vulnerable households and communities is necessary to improve the lives of Africa's orphaned and vulnerable children.

This entails reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV,and ensuring that these children have equal access to basic services and are protected from human rights abuses.These efforts must be taken now and in tandem with accelerated prevention and treatment.Much work remains to be done to ensure that responses to orphans and vulnerable children are included in broader national development instruments and agendas


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