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National Council Licensure Examination For RN and PN

Using a single way of testing to calculate a person's expertise in a certain area isn't very smart. This has been proven in the way an IQ test is given. The study tested more than 100,000 people world wide and found at least three separate components of intelligence: memory, reasoning and verbal recall.

I am calling for a reform in the way the NCLEX measures a future nurses ability to nurse. In fact, I do not believe it does measure the ABILITY at all. Ask anyone who has ever taken the NCLEX and they will all tell you: "I don't know how I passed."

We have all come to accept the "obscure wording" of the NCLEX. We have all come to accept the "fill in the blank"; the "select all that apply" ; the "multiply choice answers". Okay fine, but while these questions may test an individual's ability to understand what the question is asking, while these questions may test a person's knowledge by reasoning and memory, it does not really test the individual's ABILITY. Some people are just terrible test takers yet they can PERFORM great. How do we test for this?  I believe it is time to change the way the exam is administered.


I believe that if an examinee is "below the passing standard" in a specific area, they should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in the area that they were weak in either by demonstration or by verbal ability. The time has come for reform ladies and gentleman. There are different ways to measure intelligence as has been proven in the past with other exams and it is my belief the NCLEX should reflect all components of measuring an individual's ability to practice safe and effective nursing and not just one as it is today. A test that consists of questions and nothing but questions from a pool of 3000 questions. To me, this has nothing to do with ability. It does however measure reasoning and memory but not ability.


The NCLEX, Boards Of Nursing and the Testing Centers have been making billions of dollars each year from examinees. Have the patients benefited? Money is not the issue patient care is and we should be given the right to show that we can care for our patients by in more ways than just a test full of questions.


Garrison's Nclex Review

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Using only one method to prove an ability to practice nursing safely and effectively is unwise and unsafe to the patients in which we are preparing to serve.


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