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Nominate Aaron Swartz for the Citizens Medal

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Each year President Obama honors a handful of extraordinary Americans with the Citizens Medal, one of our nation's highest civilian honors.

I implore you to honor Aaron Swartz with the Citizens Medal.  Click here.

Aaron took on so many fights.  People have focused on his work for Open Access and his defeat of SOPA/PIPA, but his high goal was social justice.  He forced difficult discussions, made real, positive change, and got his hands dirty in pursuit of that goal.

He paid a high price for it.  The White House has not responded to two successfulpetitions to punish his prosecutors for clearoverreach.

Facing years in prison for breaking a Term of Service, knowing what felony charges meant for his causes and his ability to have a voice in them, he killed himself.

The law itself which allowed this miscarriage of justice, the CFAA is under scrutiny by our Representatives.

The outpouring of support from the web in general, but also including luminaries such as Brewster Kahle (, Carl Malamud (, and Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the web), shows how much influence his work had in his short life.  What a terrible loss for the world, and for each of us who knew him.

Again, I implore you to honor Aaron Swartz with the Citizens Medal.  Click here.

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