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This is the third time in less than a year that Facebook has put me on "Probation" for sending "Friend Requests" to people I don't know "personally"; but, they are sometimes already friends of people I am already connected with and would like to know/be friends with them because I saw that they had the same views, socially, spiritually, and politically as I do.

For whatever reasons they are filing "Complaints" or "Harassment" notices with Facebook over my "Friend Requests" — thus a "30 Day Probation" prohibiting me from sending ANY "Friend Requests" and lately blocked from sending messages. These "Complaints" I find extremely aggravating and odd to say the least because these people also have the option to, just act as an adult individual, and push the "Ignore" or "Delete" request buttons — which I have done on numerous occasions without any need for filing a "Complaint"!!!

I thought that the whole purpose of social media was not only to connect with those individuals you already know; but, to also expand, and growing a "community" of like-minded individuals to expand your horizons!

On this point I believe that the corporation/entity under the title of "Facebook"/Mark Zuckerberg has been presenting his social media company under false pretenses! And I do not believe that I am being treated in a fair and just manner whenever these individuals are basically, under anonymity, have his company place me on "Probation" without the right to "Due process" and knowing who they are and for what the true reasons of these "Grievances" truly are!

AGAIN… We are supposed "Adults" here and accordingly should be acting as such! Whenever an individual is sent a "Friend Request" on Facebook you are given the options to

1.) Send them a message and ask who they are;

2.) Accept their friend request; or

3.) Reject and delete the said request!

Simple as that, no muss, no fuss; yet there are a startling, growing number of individuals within our society that have got to make/take issue, purely for the sake of causing drama and mayhem, especially on the internet because they are cloaked behind anonymity and can not be held responsible! At this juncture, I believe, this cloaked era of throwing stones, causing mayhem, retreating behind your cloaks, laughing, and planning whatever else to do have to be stopped.

I am calling for Facebook and ALL other social medias to start a policy of full transparency and if you want to put a person on "Probation", just as in a court of law this person should have the ability to know who has filed said grievance/grievances against them and why! And, in the long run ALL of this foolish behavior will be put to an end and ALL of the social media outlets will be the better for it.


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