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I don't have time! What can i do? I'm too small to do this! Not my cup of tea! These are all reasons to comfort yourself to stay away from going out there and changing what's needed to change.

We at The Candle Project ( and (re)modelling the education space for less privileged children from the age group of 5-12 years old in Mumbai,India.

The idea : We are young and impatient to turn the world around, there are children who need mentors and there are schools which have resources that are unused on the weekends. The idea was to create impact by using the available resources to children at risk with young volunteers as role model and mentors. The Candle Project comprises of these strong pillars that create leaders from the community.

Just 3 hours over the weekend and you too can contribute to building the next great society.

Come leave a legacy with us. Because it matters!

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