Sign the Petition to Judge George Pulver Jr. of Catskill Family Court, Catskill, New York

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The utter downfall and corruption of the United States Family Court System is truly astounding. Our government and lawmakers have chosen to turn a blind eye to the current unlawfulness of Family Court and the corruption of severly bias, discriminatory, under educated, and uncaring judges. Innocent children are literally being "ripped" from the arms of fit and loving parents for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHAT SO EVER! This law abuse is done simply to keep the "system" rolling and to fill the pockets of those who work within. This ABUSE is APPAULING and desperately needs to be stopped! Parents are denied all of their Constitutional Rights as American citizens as soon as they enter this corrupt "system", they are losing their children and families at alarming rates and being made to suffer the worse pain imaginable... Precious children are torn from their families, thrown into foster care and left to suffer the most horrific nightmare of losing their loving parents and families!!... Something has got to be done to change this attrocity, it is getting worse by the day! Our government is failing us, they are stealing our rights as parents and denying us our God given right to parent our children without government interference. CPS was designed to "protect" children, now it has become a force to be FEARED! They lie, cheat, and steal, they are completely unlawful, dishonest, cruel and corrupt. They are not educated on the current Civil Rights Laws that protect families and parents from being "harassed" by this evil system!... It is truly all about MONEY and keeping the system going, not one thought is EVER given to the lives of innocent children and parents, they are nameless and faceless. THEY ARE THE REAL VICTIMS IN THIS INHUMANE, HEARTLESS AND EVIL ENTITY KNOWN AS "FAMILY COURT!!!"     


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