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Raise Awareness to the Benefits of Cannabis!

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How this will help

If you are able to start your own internet broadcast, either via or, or some other internet medium, and you are educated about the pros and cons of cannabis (truth, not government propaganda). 
The please get the word out.  It doesn't cost much, and it doesn't take much time.  There are a lot of resources for blogging, video blogging, and radio broadcasting that are free. 

If you would like to support the cause, and to own a unique and rare web domain name.  We are trying to raise money with

I've had it for 9 years.  But I would like to try to raise capital for spreading my message of liberty and cannabis capitalism.  So if you are interested in this domain, please visit the links at the bottom of the home page.  I have two separate auctions.  One is with a bitcoin auction site, and the other is with Ebay.

Whoever wins on either auction is the winner period, first come first serve.

Proceeds will go towards liberty speech endeavors. 

Thank you!  ~Ryan Thompson 03/22/2013

Write me on the auction site if you have any questions about the domain.  Please spread the word some how!  Liberty and justice for all!   <Forums


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