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Alaska's Bristol Bay supports the world's largest wild salmon fishery. Year after year, the salmon return to Bristol Bay in astounding numbers, like no other place on earth.  They are the economic and ecological backbone of the region, supplying 14,000 jobs, generating some $480 million a year, and providing nearly 50% of the world's supply of wild sockeye salmon. It helps feed the world, local communities and a bounty of bears, bald eagles, beluga whales and other wildlife.

Now, global mining companies are targeting Bristol Bay for a massive open pit mine – the proposed Pebble Mine. If developed it would be the largest open pit mine in North America, and generate roughly 10 billion tons of toxic mine waste that would bury important salmon habitat.

The science is in. An EPA draft study has found that the proposed mine will likely destroy 55-87 miles of streams used for salmon spawning and rearing, and threaten the long-term sustainability of the fishery.

There is broad and diverse opposition to this project, including Alaska's hardworking commercial fishermen, Alaska Native communities, hunters and anglers, sport fishing businesses, churches, restaurants, supermarkets, jewelry retail companies and investors. Visit for a full list.

Please sign the petition today, and urge the CEQ and President Obama to use Section 404c of the Clean Water Act to protect our nation's greatest wild salmon runs, and all the businesses, communities and wildlife that depend on it! 


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