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Last summer was the worst ever for sea grass. Dolphins are suffering and dying from nitrogen-polluted waters in Indian River Lagoon. Super algae blooms, spurred on by excessive runoff of nitrogen, choked the Lagoon. These blooms caused a massive die-off of sea grasses. These natural barriers against runoff pollution were lost. In the northern part of the Lagoon 87% of sea grass beds were lost, and in the southern area there was a 44% loss. We must prevent another summer of death and decay.

Nitrogen pollution continues to harm dolphins. Researchers found that more than half of Lagoon dolphins are ill.Lagoon dolphins are living half as long as their open-ocean kin. Nitrogen pollution is making them more vulnerable to diseases. Fertilizer nitrates bond to mercury in the soil. It is digested by bacteria, which produce methyl mercury. This form of mercury bio-accumulates up the food chain until it poisons fish, dolphins and us.

We need your support to build broader and more robust coalitions. In particular, we are looking for more Floridians because decision-makers will act responsibly when a sufficient number of constituents demand it. Building our grassroots network costs about $5 per person. Every new person joining with us helps.

Give $10 today to stop nitrogen pollution, prevent super blooms, and protect dolphins. Help us welcome 100 more people to the campaign. 


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