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Countless men lost their life in a bid to free India. Many died at the hands of Britishers e.g. Jallianwalah Bagh Massacre, and many other died in the wave of communal violence. To remember each and every person, named or unnamed, who lost his/her life in order to see a free India, we demand the day on which our National Tigers Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged while many of our lawyers like Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah watched, to be declared as the National Martyrdom day of India. Many like Ram Mohd. Singh Azad, later also named as Udham Singh , just to suppress the spirit of United India, Ashfaq ullah Khan, Batukweshwar Dutt and in respect of all those whose name cannot be typed due to limitations of materials but whose deeds raised them much above the rest of the mortals, it is our duty.

The demand is not for any Holiday on the said day. We want recognition of our martyrs and nothing more.


Harjot Singh

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The respect that our martyrs deserve is long due. In respect of all those unrecognized martyrs too we want a day to openly profess our love and respect for the Martyrs.

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