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Suggest a woman speaker to TED

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How this will help

"Women want to know everything 100% before speaking about it.  Men go to the podium when they know 70%--and then act like they know 150%."

-Regina Mehler, founder of the Women Speaker Foundation, (in Sudwest Press)

Let's make a dent in that.  Today.

TED Global is coming up, we want tons of excellent women speakers.  This is where your pledge comes in.  Let's make sure that all women with something to say are identified.  Even if she is not a speaker now.  Even if she isn't sure she's ready.  Even if she is you.  There is no downside to suggesting her.

Two-step action:
1. Go to the TED suggest-a-speaker page
2. Suggest a woman you know

What info will you need? 
--your contact information
--her contact information (you can fake this if you don't know it, use something @ something.com)
--why are you suggesting her?
--have you heard her speak?

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