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Facebook is SUPPOSED to be the ultimate " social network" where grown adults who are members of said board can become friends with who they like...limiting people to only being able to request friends and family, and co-workers you sees all the time is, something, one would hope, Facebook , realize would to be rather pointless. The whole concept behind a " social network " is to meet new people and forge new friendships; not be punished with cancellations of friend requests, 30 day suspensions for requesting people you don't know, or people who are requested being reported as well. This petition is for you to exorcise your voice and protest these foolish restrictions Facebook has drafted up , making " the social network " a screaming contradiction " of itself.


Kelley Wilcosky

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because what is the point of a social network when you can't be social? it should be up to the person to accept  a (friend request) or not.  


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