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First things first, & the first thing in all of life is to know GOD, enjoy HIM, & serve HIM with a loyal heart & with a willing mind... for the LORD searches all hearts & understands all the intent of our thoughts... if we seek HIM, HE will be found... but if we forsake HIM, HE will cast us off forever from HIS sight (1 Chronicles 28:9).

Acknowledging & knowing GOD personally & intimately will help us to become what we are meant to be. We should remember that GOD can be known... HE is a PERSON, not a logical or theological concept... HE thinks, wills, enjoys, feels, loves, even feels jealous & desires, as any person does... HE's a person & can be known in increasing degrees of intimacy as we "prepare our hearts" for the wonder of it... HE can do anything. HE is not playing hard to know. Those who are willing & want to know HIM can... HE will not foist HIS love on us, but HE does wait patiently, for HE wants to be known by us... knowing HIM is the first thing in life.

GOD bless :)


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