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Each year, Youth & Government delegates from all over the nation convene in North Carolina for the annual Conference on National Affairs (CONA). Only 25 out of California's 2600+ Youth & Government delegates are selected to attend this prestigious event. This year, Sacramento Central Delegation's own Tony Brisson, a sophomore from West Campus High School, has been selected to attend based on his leadership potential, service to Youth & Government, and accomplishments.

It costs each participant $1500 to attend. He has been awarded a $450 scholarship and is actively fundraising in his community but he anticipates he'll still need to raise $500 to make it to CONA. Can you help?

Tony says:

  • "Before joining Youth and Government, I knew little about our state legislature and court system, but after attending the final conference, which took place at California's Capitol in Sacramento, I am a seasoned youth politician, and knowledgeable about many social and political issues. Youth and Government has set me up with so many great opportunities. Any help will do - thank you all so very much!"

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